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Chart Assumptions

Solo 401k

$56,000 annual contribution

12% growth rate illustrates the potential of alternative investments (real estate, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, private notes, tax liens, private equity, startups, etc)


$6,000 annual contribution Annual growth rate of 4.83% (2000-2018 S&P 500)


$37,000 annual contribution Annual growth rate of 4.83% (2000-2018 S&P 500)
* Illustration assumes net earnings from self employment of $148,000/yr, maximum Solo 401k contributions of $56,000/yr and investment growth of 12%/yr with alternative investments; compared to maximum contributions into IRA of $6,000 and SEP IRA of $37,000 with compound annual growth rate equal to that of S&P 500 in 2000-2018, including dividends, which is 4.83%.

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