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Access the whole real estate market and defer taxes on real estate income with a Self Directed IRA.

Buy Real Estate IRA

Get unfettered access to buy, sell, and hold real estate in your retirement plan. 🎉

Defer Taxes on Real Estate Income

Invest in real estate without having taxes eat up all your profits. Taxes on real estate in a self directed IRA are deferred as long as the money remains in your retirement account.

No More 1031 Exchanges

When purchasing real estate in your Self Directed Retirement Plan, you no longer have to worry about buying another property within a few months of selling.

Grow Funds with Rental Income

Combine the tax-deferral benefits of a self directed IRA with rental income from real estate and watch the profits you generate add up faster than ever before.

Access The Whole Real Estate Market - Not Just REITs

Single family, multifamily, raw land, tax liens, mortgage notes, trust deeds - hold these and more all in your retirement plan.

Pay Off Your Future Home

Finance your future home after retirement by leveraging tax-deferred rental income to pay off the mortgage - just don't live in the property while its in your IRA.

Built-in Checkbook

There’s no need to wait weeks for processing or deal with unnecessary fees or delays. Easily do real estate deals 24/7 using your digital checkbook.

Hold these real estate assets and more...

Manage your real estate and investments, all in one place

The world of self-directed retirement plans has never been easier thanks to our innovative investment tracker and management portal. Manage all aspects of your financial future on one easy platform!

* App features shown above will be available soon.

Say goodbye to high setup fees

We didn’t stop at creating the most efficient self directed retirement plan setup process in the world.

Directly own real estate in your retirement plan

The real estate market is booming, and now you can invest in a wide range of properties from commercial buildings to raw land in your Self Directed IRA.

Get Financing

A non-recourse loan is a great option for retirement investors because it allows them to use their investment property as collateral - the lender’s only recourse.

In Kind Distributions

If you bought your dream house with a self-directed account and finally want to use it personally, you can distibute the property to yourself in-kind.


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