Invest in what you want with the Nabers IRA

With the Nabers Self Directed IRA you have the freedom to invest in alternative assets like Real Estate, Bitcoin, Crypto, Startups & much more!

Invest in virtually anything, in your IRA

Your Nabers Self Directed IRA makes you the CEO of your money with access to a full range of investment options so you can grow your money faster.

Real Estate

Long-term rentals
Vacation rentals
Offshore property
Apartment syndications
Tax liens
Mortgage notes

Digital Assets

Crypto-assets (ETH, SOL, etc)
DeFi tokens
Security tokens
L1s and L2s


Venture capital
Angel investing
Convertible notes

Traditional Assets

Mutual funds
Life Insurance


Precious metals
Private placements
Private lending
Hedge funds
Offshore investments
0 K+
Plans Setup
0 K+
Years in Business

How it works

With Nabers, setting up your Self Directed IRA is easy. 

Open your IRA plan and holding account
We take care of all the documents needed to start investing in alternatives in your IRA.
Fund your IRA with a rollover or contribution
With just a few clicks you can fund your IRA with a transfer (rollover) or contribution.
Start investing in alternative assets
Take control of your retirement and invest in assets like Real Estate, Crypto, Startups & more!

Fast, easy and compliant Self Directed IRA Setup

For 17 years, we’ve helped thousands of happy customers take control of their retirement.

Have questions before moving forward? 

Nabers IRA

Fully Self Directed
$ 29/month + $199 one-time setup fee
  • Self Directed IRA Setup
  • An LLC to hold investments
  • Ongoing Plan Maintenance & Support
  • Unlimited Free Rollovers
  • Bank, Brokerage & Crypto Account Access
  • Checkbook Control
  • IRS Opinion Letter
  • One-Click Annual IRS Maintenance
  • Download Documents In 3 Hours
  • Roth IRA conversion support

Get the FAQ's on The Nabers IRA

A self-directed IRA is a type of individual retirement account that allows you to make your own investment decisions. You aren’t confined to just stocks, bonds, or mutual funds like you are with traditional IRAs. You can invest in a variety of alternative assets, including real estate, Crypto, mortgage notes, precious metals, startups and a variety of other assets.

The primary advantage of a self-directed IRA is investment flexibility. A self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA) allows you to choose how you want to invest your retirement funds. You can diversify and broaden your investment options beyond wall street by investing alternative assets like real estate, bitcoin and much more!

Life insurance contracts, collectibles (with few exceptions for coins and metals), and S corporations are assets that cannot be held in a self-directed IRA.

Current taxable income and rollovers from existing IRA plans or retirement accounts can be used to fund your Nabers Self-Directed IRA account. To begin the procedure, you must be a paying customer.

You can fund your Self-Directed IRA account in one of three ways: with current taxable income, a rollover of your old company 401(k), or a transfer of an old IRA.

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Have questions about the Self Directed IRA?

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