Alternative Investments: How To Profit From Real Estate Even If Home Prices Fall

real estate wealth Apr 05, 2018


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Why a 65% Drop In The Stock Market May Be Coming Soon

wealth Apr 02, 2018

This is Part 1 in a series. Click here for part 2.

Using the same research methods that led to my early and accurate prediction of the 2008 crash, I've uncovered what may be "the next big one."

WHAT: 65% Drop In The Stock Market

WHEN: More on that a bit later

WHY: Let me share the 5-part fact pattern...


Fact #1: The Modern Market Average Return Is 5.37% Per Year 

I know this conflicts with the standard narrative around the stock market. The reason for this is the "Wall Street Marketing Machine" considers Industrial Era growth in its figures.

The truth is we must draw a line to differentiate before and after widespread Internet adoption, and I draw it at the year 2000.

Before the year 2000, the economy was dominated by business models that are now extinct. Those business models cannot grow our stock portfolios if those businesses are closed. (Think Circuit City, Blockbuster, Borders Books, etc).

Post 2000, we live in a digitally connected world that plays by...

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The Crypto Market Dropped 50%... And THIS Is Why Corrections Are Great (Video)

The crypto markets are down about 50%. This is a free excerpt from a video I made for my private investor club. It explains why we love "bloodbath" corrections and several reasons why they are good for investors.

Also, a lot of people emailed asking about the webinar they missed, so I'm teaching it again this Thursday:

Register for "The Once In A Lifetime Chance To Turn $10,000 Into $10 Million With Cryptocurrency Investments"

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XRP Warning (My Thoughts On Ripple)

wealth Jan 05, 2018

I've received so many messages asking my thoughts on Ripple (XRP) as there is so much hype from it's 30,000% growth. This video is my answer.

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How To Create Wealth & Personal Freedom Starting With Less Than $50,000

It takes money to make money, with rare exception.

Most good investments require a minimum investment of $50,000.

So what can you do to get ahead financially when you don' have $50,000 to invest yet?

I like to think of this with the farmer's model of wealth:

  • Step 1: Get Some Seeds
  • Step 2: Plant Your Seeds & Get Them Growing
  • Step 3: Harvest Your Crop & Replant New Crops
  • Step 4: Repeat

The seeds in Step 1 is $50,000 to invest.

If you don't have seeds, you need to get some.

There are 3 ways to get seeds:

  1. Work a job to get a salary.
  2. Work a job to get commissions or performance-based income you can control.
  3. Start a business.

Method #1—The Salaried Job—used to be the safest bet, but these days it's the riskiest bet. That's because the world is changing so fast now, long-term careers are uncommon and they don't pay as well as they used to.

Method #2—The Sales Job—can work well if you have a great product to sell and hungry buyers who want to...

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