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blog enjoy your present Apr 06, 2014

Are you satisfied with your Retirement Lifestyle?

Scratch that…here’s a better question since you worked hard your entire life to get to your Golden Years.

Are you ecstatic about your Retirement Lifestyle?

You’ve put in the time and you’ve done the right things to save for your retirement so don’t you deserve to be ecstatic about the lifestyle that it provides for you?

At Nabers Financial Group we think so.

That’s why we’ve put in the time and the research to find the best financial tools available to help you immediately Upgrade Your Retirement Lifestyle!

Even if you’re satisfied with your current retirement lifestyle wouldn’t you like to see if you may be missing out(Chances are very high that you are)on some BIG Opportunities to improve it?

You probably know someone who has retired and actually taken a downgrade to the lifestyle that they had while they were still working…how backwards is that?

It happens every single day and in a lot of cases it doesn’t have to.

The major danger that currently exists within most people’s portfolios is that they are too exposed to the corruption and fixing of the stock market and the banking system. In fact, most people are now happy to see a few percentage points as a return in either of these broken systems and the reality is that these so called “profits” don’t even keep pace with the real inflation that’s going on all around us.

Now, this is nothing new. You already know all of this and it’s likely that you’ve already begun taking steps to limit your exposure to the corruption that exists within these systems. The question then becomes what can you do to create a consistent retirement income that will create the upgraded retirement lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of while making sure that it lasts?

That’s where Results Based Financial Planning comes in.

You see, there is the land of theory based financial planning(stock market and banking system)that promises to provide you with results while consistently falling short on the promises that are made. To be clear on this…it’s not entirely your current planner’s fault. They are simply operating within the flawed system that they have access to and rely on utilizing that to provide a living for their family.

Then, in stark contrast to that, there is Results Based Financial Planning where things are based on results. That doesn’t sound too crazy does it? In this way you simply rely on using the tools that have actually produced the real results that you want…not the tool that are based on unfounded and unproven theories.

By focusing on the results you want, and in particular the exact lifestyle that you want to live and what it will cost to get you that upgraded lifestyle, you can use the results based tools that we have at our disposal to create that upgraded lifestyle.

It sounds simple because it is. It’s just not something that’s offered to you in the land of theories because it doesn’t exist there.

We’d like to invite you to take a trip to our Results Based Land and see how you like it here as you upgrade your lifestyle and begin living the retirement you’ve always dreamed of! Schedule a Discovery Session with one of our expert Results Based Planners so that you can uncover how you can quickly upgrade your retirement lifestyle.

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