Coinbase Gives Users Millions In New Cash: Bitcoin Cash Decision

blog Aug 03, 2017

One of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world, Coinbase, reversed a recent decision just minutes ago.

On August 1, a new version of Bitcoin cryptocurrency was created and given to all holders of the original Bitcoin.

Each Bitcoin held, or any fraction there of, was matched by giving the holder the same amount of the new one, Bitcoin Cash.

The catch is many people's Bitcoin are held at exchanges. Last week Coinbase said it would not be "supporting Bitcoin Cash."

Technically, they wouldn't be doing the work to setup Bitcoin Cash so you can have it in your account.

But today, due to "consumer demand" they have chosen to support Bitcoin Cash and will be crediting its Bitcoin holders on or before January 1, 2018.

That's great news, especially considering the new Bitcoin Cash became worth over $5 billion dollars in its first day of creation.

You can read the official Coinbase announcement here.

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SEC Decision Shakes Up Financial System

blog Aug 03, 2017

Last week the SEC issued a letter on the topic of cryptocurrency.

If you don’t know what cryptocurrency is, perhaps you have heard of Bitcoin. Despite the myths that Bitcoin is nothing more than a terrorist, drug-dealing, money launderers tool… it’s attracting the attention and investment of:

In fact, one group of cryptocurrencies—those built on the Ethereum network—have emerged a surprising function: raising capital.

Specifically, crowdfunded “token sales” have quickly surpassed then entire venture capital industry for fundraising!

This is why the SEC stepped in. Until now, anyone with access to the internet could raise millions of dollars almost overnight without any permission, license, or government involvement.

Of course, this has led to many scams and lost money. But as a whole, the total worth of all cryptocurrency (the...

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Precious Metals: Gold and Silver

blog financial tools Apr 06, 2017

Precious Metals have a 3000+ year history of having and retaining value due to the intrinsic value that the metals have and their limited availability. They have consistently been used as money for those reasons and, as you know, the currency that we now have was once backed by gold and derived it's value from that backing.

Adding precious metals to your portfolio can give you true diversification by giving you access to the physical asset class which most people lack. History has shown that precious metals tend to have an inverse relationship with currency based systems like the stock market so historically as the stock market has gone down, precious metals have gone up. This can provide investors with a great, and much needed, hedge against economic downturns that would otherwise wreak havoc on their portfolios.

If you don't have precious metals in your portfolio right now then, quite frankly, you are lacking this hedge position. So get precious quickly as you can....

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NEW Investment Properties In Inventory (MAJOR Breakthrough, Limited Supplies)

blog real estate Jan 04, 2017

If you saw my major announcement yesterday, you may be wondering “Isn’t this the same thing you’ve offered before?”

The answer is NO, this is very different.

We offer two kinds of investment properties:


These kinds of houses can pump out 10% NET profit annually, like clockwork. The focus is on receiving income.

You may have seen me offer these opportunities before.


The major announcement is a NEW type of investment property…


This new kind of real estate investment includes a special type of low risk mortgage financing.

It’s called a non-recourse loan, and you don’t have to apply for it or go through any type of underwriting process. It’s just approved, already, before you even talk to us.

The best part is this kind of mortgage loan is low risk for you and the bank. You put 40% down, there’s no credit check, and it’s...

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Never Run Out of Money In Retirement

blog protect your future Apr 05, 2015

This may sound a little too good to be true.

The truth is, until recently, it was.

Now that's all changed and you really can ensure that you Never Run Out of Money in your retirement. You may be asking yourself "Okay...How?"

That's a great question! The how is quite simple really. There are some very unique financial tools available to you that can be leveraged in a very specific way to guarantee you an income for life. That way instead of worrying about whether or not you're going to have enough to live the lifestyle you really can actually focus on just enjoying your life instead!

Sounds pretty great, doesn't it?

Of course it does! Investing in a product that produces a guaranteed income is outstanding and can get you most of the way there very quickly and can get your money working for you.

It is important to note that while it would be wonderful if this could be immediately actionable by's not. This works extremely well for people who have over $500K in...

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Real Estate

blog financial tools Apr 04, 2015

When you're able to spot market trends and effectively time your acquisitions there is a lot of success to be had in real estate.client of Nabers Financial Group.

A lot of people have a small framework of opportunities when it comes to real estate investment and some of the seemingly "simple" investments in real estate can quickly lead to A LOT of extra work, time, and money for the average investor. Strangely enough, most investors are investing their hard earned money only to get more work, less time and less money.

Shocking isn't it?

All joking aside, real estate can be a great investment at the right time and when you choose the right investment vehicles for your specific case and align those with the results you want to achieve by investing.

A lot of my newer clients don't know that I was a Real Estate guy before I ever got into financial planning and precious metals. I owned a mortgage business for years and had an extensive real estate portfolio all across the southeastern...

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Upgrade Your Retirement Lifestyle

blog enjoy your present Apr 06, 2014

Are you satisfied with your Retirement Lifestyle?

Scratch that…here’s a better question since you worked hard your entire life to get to your Golden Years.

Are you ecstatic about your Retirement Lifestyle?

You’ve put in the time and you’ve done the right things to save for your retirement so don’t you deserve to be ecstatic about the lifestyle that it provides for you?

At Nabers Financial Group we think so.

That’s why we’ve put in the time and the research to find the best financial tools available to help you immediately Upgrade Your Retirement Lifestyle!

Even if you’re satisfied with your current retirement lifestyle wouldn’t you like to see if you may be missing out(Chances are very high that you are)on some BIG Opportunities to improve it?

You probably know someone who has retired and actually taken a downgrade to the lifestyle that they had while they were still working…how backwards is that?

It happens every single...

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