How to make investment properties pay out more than stocks... even during a housing crash

blog Nov 07, 2017

The most important thing to know about real estate investing is that there are 3 ways to make money from owning real estate:

  1. Appreciation - The increase in a property’s value
  2. Principal Reduction - The decrease in a property’s mortgage balance
  3. Positive Cash Flow - The money leftover from rent payments after subtracting expenses like taxes, insurance, and repairs.

When an investor focuses only on 1 or 2 of these, they get into trouble. For example, people who lost a lot of money with investment properties in 2008 and 2009 were too focused on appreciation. In a housing crash, appreciation gets wiped out and replaced with depreciation. That’s tragic to an investor whose plans depend on appreciation. Millions of investors experienced this in 2008 and 2009.

A little known real estate secret

Would you like to know how some real estate investors continued to make money during the last real estate crash? Smart thinking. I’ll show you… Meet Mike. He did not...

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One Asset Is Positioned To Soar When The 143 Million Stolen Identities Hit The Black Market

blog Sep 26, 2017

If I've learned anything from selling over a hundred million dollars of products and services... it's that most people won't buy into a solution until the problem is very painful.

It's like a tooth that won't get fixed at the dentist until it's so painful you can't eat.

In the case of the giant Equifax identity theft hack, nobody is feeling the pain yet. The affected 143 million Americans have not yet had their credit ruined, bank accounts drained, and been arrested for crimes committed by someone else using their identity.

But that may change soon.

These 143 million identities have value on the black market and are in the hands of criminals who will succumb to the money.

And once Americans ARE feeling the pain of a broken down identity system, a new higher security identity system will have to emerge before our economy can function again.

One digital asset stands to have a chance at being THE new identity system.

It's called Civic

...and the asset you can hold for potential profit...

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A Message From Deep Inside The New Financial System (This Affects You)

blog Sep 25, 2017

Behind me: Merrill Lynch. JP Morgan.

To the left: Earnst & Young, Goldman Sachs.

On TV the CEO of JP Morgan had just said “Bitcoin is a fraud!”

…but it was just a classic misdirection.

In the INSIDER meeting, JP Morgan was BUYING Bitcoin. $74 million worth.

When the person at the front of the room commented on the CEO’s TV interview, the room erupted in laughter.

Can you believe these people? They think you’re stupid.

They want to be ahead of you so that you always need them.

And right now they’re buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

They want to own as much of it as possible so they can sell it to you at a higher price.


Because these are giant companies, they move slow. They’re just setting up the systems to be able to move big money into Bitcoin.

In the mean time, individuals can MOVE FAST to get ahead of the big money.

What You Need To Know

One day, sooner than you might think, you will wake up in a completely new...

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Cryptocurrencies Are More Than Just Currencies - Here's Why...

blog Aug 13, 2017

One tidbit of information to shine some light on why cryptocurrencies have exploded in value this year... up to a total value of $138 Billion from starting the year at just $25 Billion...

Cryptocurrencies aren't just currencies. For example, the #2 cryptocurrency is called Ethereum.

This year Ethereum launched a feature that enables a person—or group of people—to create their own cryptocurrency coin to sell to other people.

This led to a new method of raising funds for a project... an alternative to selling a stock on a stock market... or even raising money from a Venture Capitalist.

Traditional fundraising would involve forming a corporation, raising seed capital, building the company, raising venture capital, building the company, and then going public with an IPO.

That whole process costs millions of dollars just to raise millions of dollars. It's effectively impossible for 99% of startup ventures.

Historically, fundraising has really been a catch 22. You could only...

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20 Signs You’d Have To Be Crazy To Ignore The Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Revolution

blog Aug 08, 2017

Don't ignore these!

  1. is now more popular than (source)
  2. Australia is considering making Bitcoin their national currency (source)
  3. Cryptocurrency “ICOs” have raised more money in 2017 than all Venture Capital funding (source)
  4. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is planning to launch a blockchain-based stock market (source)
  5. The Chinese government announced it will start to use blockchain technology to collect taxes (source)
  6. The Ex-CEO of Morgan Stanley is raising $950 million in an ICO (source)
  7. Russian banks plan to use a blockchain ledger by mid-2018 (source)
  8. The total crypto market cap has grown more in the past 7 months than the S&P 500’s past 19 years (source)
  9. NASDAQ is planning a blockchain-powered system (source)
  10. MasterCard is patenting a blockchain system (source)
  11. A recent study found 57% of large corporations are preparing to apply blockchain technology (source)
  12. Dubai set a goal to become the first blockchain government by 2020 (source)
  13. ...
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How To Make Passive Real Estate Investing Safe And Secure

blog Aug 08, 2017

One of the newest and most popular ways to invest in real estate is through "turn key" or fully passive real estate providers.

They do all the work to acquire and fix up a property, and even oversee management on an ongoing basis, while you own the investment property and receive the net income and value appreciation.

But who can you trust to deliver on their promises?

Today I'm sharing 4 keys to cutting getting great results and avoiding scams.

Key #1: Get Testimonials

There are 3 types of testimonials that allow you to hear from real customers and their experiences:

Written text testimonials (easiest): These are the easiest to view, but also the easiest to fake... and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt.

Video testimonials (better): Video testimonials take a bit more time to watch, but the payoff is powerful. You can usually tell the difference between a paid actor and a genuine customer speaking from the heart. Use of paid actors is a sign that there are not real happy...

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No, The Government Won't Shut Down Cryptocurrencies. Here's Why...

blog Aug 05, 2017

The most common question I hear people ask when they first learn of the meteoric growth of the cryptocurrency market is...

Won't the government shut it down?

After decades of the government growing into almost every area of our lives and virtually taking over banking, air travel, road travel, sex lives, marriage, food and farming, and even lemonade stands... it's a valid question!

The answer is no, the government won't shut down cryptocurrencies—for 4 reasons:

#1 - They technically can't—There is no central point of attack or control

A government is a centralized organization. The big innovation with blockchain technology—the innovation behind cryptocurrencies—is that it is decentralized and distributed.

The government's ability to control people and things depends on its ability to access the people and things in a location.

The problem with shutting down Bitcoin is it isn't in a location. There's no office to raid, no doors to kick down, no computer to blow...

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The Best Investment Of The Century

blog Aug 05, 2017

Cryptocurrencies have gone up more in the past 7 months than the entire S&P 500 stock index did in the last 19 years.

And it’s not a bubble. This is just the beginning.

A year ago, cryptocurrencies were “dark web” money. Today, this field is receiving heavy investment from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, IBM, Deloitte, NASDAQ, and many national governments.

But, like always the big boys take as much of the profits as possible… leaving the question, what’s the best way to invest and keep the lion’s share of the profits?

My personal approach is to invest in cryptocurrency-focused hedge funds. These are only available to accredited investors, people who make $300k+ a year or have $1,000,000+ net worth excluding their home equity.

If you’re an accredited investor and want to get connected to cryptocurrency hedge funds, send me a message here.

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